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What plans have you made to ensure your salespeople will meet their sales goals this year?

Crestcom Sales Academy is designed to improve skills in 10 essential areas of sales performance impacting your sales goals right now.
  • Be Priority Focused and Goal Driven
  • Leave a Great Impression and Sell Yourself Well
  • Identify, Qualify and Get in Front of Good Prospects
  • Make Impactful Presentations
  • Skillfully Overcoming Client Concerns
  • Close Sales
  • Negotiate
  • Maintain Quality Relationships
  • Obtain Quality Referrals
  • Follow Up and Penetrate to Grow Accounts
Crestcom Sales Academy is a new, six-week course featuring one 4-hour workshop per week for six straight weeks.
  1.  Notice the difference in performance with ten accelerating, behaviour-changing experiences.

  2. Notice the difference in accountability when you measure each individual’s personal progress.

  3.  Notice the difference in results when you support your sales staff with professional training.

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